Homes that command attention

Throughout Christchurch, Rolleston, Kaiapoi, and Rangiora are homes which stand apart from neighbouring properties.

They’ve been built, renovated or modified by Parker Construction, under the watchful eye of Barry Parker: owner, managing director, and keen sportsman.


It sounds like a cliché but Barry Parker left school to learn a trade, so joined the military. In the Royal New Zealand Air Force, he became a qualified cabinetmaker.

“I had eight years of full-on learning and variety,” explains Barry. “Tools, timber, mouldings. One day I’d be crafting a lectern for the Officer’s Mess, and the next day a transport truck would need new decking.”

Not only was Barry learning his woodcraft, but he was in the right place to experience quality leadership and teamwork. From there, it was a natural step to join forces with his father-in-law (a residential builder), first building his own home before constructing homes for others. Barry continued his education after hours, adding a trade qualification in carpentry to his one in cabinet making. He is now a LBP (Licensed Building Practitioner) and member of the Master Builders Federation.

“My time in the Air Force taught me two key things: how to tackle construction challenges, and how to work with others.”

That training is evident today as Barry helps his clients to

  • Decide whether to renovate or rebuild
  • Select the most appropriate methods and materials
  • Stay informed with project progress reports
  • Navigate the client–architect/designer–builder relationship.

“Do it once and do it right – that’s what was drummed into me,” Barry laughs. “And now I’m teaching the same thing to our apprentices. Maybe that’s why the bulk of our work comes from referrals?”

Builders Christchurch - Parker Construction Christchurch


Construction is a team game and it’s vital that everyone understands their role. The agile Parker Construction crew has a blend of experienced tradespeople and talented apprentices, and each has their sights firmly set on delivering a precision product.

“It’s a big responsibility to build someone’s home,” says Barry. “We love it.”

That dedication to quality also flows across a loyal collection of subcontractors: painters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers.

But let’s not forget the team member with the big vision, the one who will wake each morning under a Parker Construction roof – YOU.

If you had a skilled and friendly team of craftsman builders at your beck and call, what would you build? We’d like to talk with you about it.